Security advices tours

Before taking an excursion, make sure that the chosen trekking route corresponds to your abilities and your psychophysical condition. Do not ever underestimate the mountain; the majority of high-flying accidents are caused when one overestimates his own physical abilities.

Inform yourself on weather conditions, evaluate avalanches risks before leaving. In this region, weather can be subject to very quick and remarkable changes, bear in mind! Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to engage a certain itinerary, verify the presence of water and mountain dews and if you intend walk through and equipped path do not ever leave without climbing harness, mountain rail set and hamlet.

In case of emergency inform the Alpine first Aid dialling the phone number 118.
Always bring with you excursions proper clothing, suitable to the season and the weather conditions. In your backpack a change of clothes should never be missing, a piece of clothing against cold conditions, trekking boots, a waterproof jacket, cap, water, products rich in fibres and proteins, excursionist map, first-aid kit, flashlight and sunscreens. For what it concerns winter high-flying excursions get an ARVA, shovel and individual probe.
If you intend to overnight in a mountain dew, book your accommodation before departure, especially in high-season periods.

In the end the most important recommendation: respect the environment and nature that accompany you in the mountains. The excursion is a gift and deserves your respect. Inform yourself about local environment laws and respect them, always carry back to town centres your waste (also cigarettes butts), avoid noises, respect endangered species and preserve the vegetation always walking on marked pathways.

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