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Rifugio alpino / Schutzhuette Gardenacia
La Villa - 2050 m
39036 La Villa / Stern
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Rifugio alpino / Schutzhuette Gardenacia

The mountain refuge Gardenacia is 2050 m high. It was completely restored during spring 2009 and family Nagler from Badia run it. On foot the refuge is only 40 minutes far from the arrival of Gardenacia cableway.

The refuge is on Stern “malga”: a particularly fascinating place where to admire Badia valley.

Around XIX century the tourism got a footing and alpinism became a free time activity. So overnight stays demand at the “malga” grew, as from here is possible to reach Sassonger and Somamunt peaks. In 1938 was built the refuge: a building equipped with every comfort, according to the requests of the day.

During spring 2009 the refuge was restored and a terrace was added. During the renovation it was taken the trouble that the simple comforts typical of a mountain refuge were not disregarded. This conception also concerns the typical, local cooking.

The refuge has got 40 beds: hikers and alpinists can sleep in rooms with two or three beds.

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Latitude: 46.584740 °
Longitude: 11.879661 °
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