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Hotel Rezia
Fam. Crazzolara
Strada Cianins 3
39030 La Villa / Stern
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Hotel Rezia

The Hotel Pension Rezia is located in the village of La Villa (1,433 m a.s.l.), in a renowned village in the Badia Valley, surrounded by the marvellous Dolomites at the bottom of the Santa Croce Mountain. The area offers numerous opportunities to get to know the local culture, the secrets of their tradition, the beauties of the territory, like the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, the Santa Croce Sanctuary, the Museum of Ladin Tradition and many more… Furthermore, sports and recreational activities of all types, like hikes, horse riding, cycling tours, and paragliding or climbing will make each day an adventure and you will never be bored. Amongst the events we have to mention is the "Marathon of the Dolomites", the queen amongst European cycling events, which takes place in July and attracts about 8,000 passionate cyclists from all over the world.

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Latitude: 46.58415 °
Longitude: 11.90924 °
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