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Ski mountaineering

Freeride in Alta Badia and Kronplatz

There are few sports that transmit a feeling of freedom as intense as ski mountaineering. Practicing ski mountaineering in the Dolomites is a unique experience that maybe represents the best way to adventure on in the uncontaminated nature under the snowy winter mantle and to stay in strict contact with the mountains of Val Badia.

To practice this wonderful sport transmits a feeling of return to the roots of skiing, when ski lifts, mass tourism and crowding still represented a fantasizing for our valleys.

Skiing in isolated localities where no human footmark, but only animal trails can be found, enjoying the fresh and virgin snow, having a break in a magic silence, practicing breathtaking free rides, embracing the most profound sense of freedom, tasting the real flavours of nature are the moments offered by the experience of ski mountaineering.

This sport requires a good training level and a remarkable knowledge of the territory and of the meteorological and snow conditions. For this reason we advise to turn to alpine guides or experts before adventuring on to high altitudes. The necessary equipment to practice ski mountaineering can be easily rented in the towns of the valley.

There are really a lot of possible activities in Val Badia, and we advise the following:

Impressive places of high importance to practice this sport are represented by the two natural parks Puez-Odle and Fanes- Senes- Braies. A divine nature, uncontaminated and exalted by the snowy mantle that makes it incredibly mysterious and fascinating.
Starting from Pederü near to San Vigilio di Marebbe there are many possibilities to reach enchanted places: reaching Senes and Fodara Vedla on one side or Fanes on the other it's possible to reach endless localities, everyone of which very beautiful. Among these we want you to remember the Col Bechei.

For what concerns the natural park Puez Geisler we have to mention the Funtanacia / Medalghes, the valley near to Longiarù/Campill, among woods and meadows and surrounded by spectacular peaks. From Longiarù visitors can also opt for the Antersasc valley, maybe reaching Cima Dodici, or choose to start from Vi per Cialneur to reach expanses of meadows surrounded by the woods on one side and by the Putia on the other with an extraordinary view over many mountains, among which the Sas dla Crusc (Sasso Croce), the Piz dales Nü (Cima Nove), the Crëp dales Dodesc (Cima Dodici) and the Piz Duleda.

For the sport enthusiasts the Furcela Medesc, located between Pedraces and San Cassiano, offers the possibility to reach the Piza de Lavarella, the Sas dla Crusc or to descend towards Fanes.

The Würzjoch near to Antermoia presents an intriguing scene for ski mountaineering. From one side it's possible do move towards the Putia, moving through the Göma pass and through Cialneur. From the other side it's possible to go towards Monte Muro and reach Munt de Rina, the pastures over Rina.

We want you also to remember the Sella-Gruppe, where guests can enjoy ski mountaineering in a suggestive and lunar landscape, a real attraction for lovers of this sport. Very popular is the Mezdì Valley, a narrow valley surrounded by peaks and rock formations of fanciful shapes. This is also the scenario of the famous competition Dolomiti Freeride. We advise also the alpine hut Franz Kostner in Vallon near to the Boè.

Another ideal locality to practice this sport is Armentara, an expanse of meadows and woods where it's possible to find traditional alpine huts between La Val/Wengen and Badia. This magic places are easily reachable from the sanctuary of Santa Croce or from Spëscia near over La Valle.

In the end, still concerning the territory of Alta Badia, we want to mention the meadows of Pralongià, reachable starting from San Cassiano but also from Corvara and from the Plateau of Puez reachable also from Colfosco.

Since some years in Val Badia takes place the Tour de Sas, an important ski mountaineering competition whose scenario is represented by the Sas dla Crusc (Sasso Croce).

Photos Ski Touring and Freeride

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