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Wintersport - Sledding Val Badia

Sledding in Alta Badia and Kronplatz

Maybe the best winter sport for having fun with your family and friends, with older and younger people: there's no age for a day on the sledge. Maybe you can also take advantage of the way back to take a walk. Add to this image the fabulous background of the Dolomites; your trip on the sledge will be a great amusement.

Val Badia offers a lot of possibilities on natural pistes and beaten paths, reaching the piste on foot or with the ski lift.

In Al Plan/St. Vigil in Enneberg there's the possibility to take on slopes with the sledge on the piste “Cianross”, that starts from the station of the same named ski lift. The piste is about 700 m long and is extended in the wood, arriving to the base station of the area Cianross in the town of San Vigilio. The structure permits to ascend with the ski lift. The piste is equipped with a lighting system and remains therefore open during some evenings, offering the possibility to rent sledges.

In Rina, in the municipality of San Vigilio di Marebbe, you will find the piste “Munt de Rina”, that starts from the meadows of Manestrei, developing through the woods over the town up to the sports centre of Rina. Near to the sports centre of Rina there is a convenient parking where you can leave your car and a bar. In Rina there are no sledge rental services, the meadows of Manestrei are reachable in about half an hour of walking and the length of the piste is of 1,6 km.

The two pistes that begin from the alpine hut Pederü are very renowned in St. Vigil in Enneberg. One develops towards Senes and Fodara Vedla, while the other one arrives to Fanes. Both tracks are provided with alpine huts and the natural view that guests can enjoy is extraordinary; in fact they are located in the natural park of Fanes- Senes- Braies. In some periods it is possible to be carried around with the snowmobile.

In the municipality of San Martin de Tor/ San Martino in Badia there are three pistes for the sledge. In Antermoia the piste of Börz starts from Fornella and arrives to the Würzjoch. It is possible to reach the pass by car or on foot, through the dedicated winter trail. The track passes through the woods at the foot of the Putia and offers a remarkable view.

In Longiarü/ Longiarù/ Campill the piste Pares-Medalghes starts from the parkings of Pares, that is located near to Seres, and arrives to the Passo Furcia. The trail passes through the meadows and woods of the natural park Puez-Odle, and the view is really spectacular. The Passo Furcia is reachable with an easy walking suitable for everyone and on the top there's a freshment point during some periods of the year. The sledge rental service is located in the Lüch de Vanc.

In Longiarü/ Longiarù/ Campill the homologated piste for high level sport events “Do Juvel” represents a modern structure provided with every technical standard required by athletes of this sector. The starting point is located just below the Juvel and the finish line is represented by the locality “Punt da rü Fosch” just after the town of Longiarù. The piste is illuminated, provided with every service, timing system and changing room. It's possible to use the piste by reservation only at the “Uniun dl Sport Lungiarü”.

La Val/ La Valle offers a piste for the sledge that ends in Spëscia, just above the town and that descends to the meadows of Armentara till the bottom of the Sas dla Crusc, in the sanctuary of Santa Croce, where it is possible to take a break in a rest stop. For those who want to avoid the rise, in La Valle there's the possibility to use the ski lift Santa Croce that starts from Pedraces and carries you to the sanctuary of Santa Croce. The track, long about 10 kilometres, is an amazing show from a natural point of view.

San Ciascian/ San Cassiano offers the natural piste for the sledge “Trù Liösa Foram”. The track of the piste starts from the plateau Piz Surega and with a total length of 3,5 km it passes first the meadows of the high mountain and then through the woods of San Ciascian, arriving to the base station of the Piz Surega. During the descent you are always surrounded by an incredible landscape, with an amazing view over the Lavarella, the Conturines and the Sas dla Crusc. The hill is comfortable, thanks to the ski lift and the sledge rental service that can be found in the different ski rental centres of Alta Badia.

The town of Corvara has its own piste for the sledge, in direction of the Passo Campolongo. Starting from Pralongià-Cherz the two-kilometre long piste, that is perfectly prepared also for walkings, passes through meadows and woods till Planca, just above Corvara. The landscape is simply delicious for every lover of the Dolomites. The starting point is reachable with in an hour of walking or with the ski lift Pralongià. The sledges can be rented at the ski rental centre of Corvara.

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