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Tru di pra La Val

Trekking in La Val - Alta Badia

Ideal for: TrekkingCircular hikeWalking the: 25-05-2015

Description for the walking tour and route

Leave the village center following trail nr. 6: it leads to the beautiful chapel of Santa Berbura (1509 m).
Turn left on the path through the wood to get to Ciablun (1572 m), Runch (1600 m) and Biei (1613 m). Remain on trail 6 towards wood and continue in direction Lé de Rit (1865) and Crusc da Rit (2027 m). Back to the junction, set off path 13, then 13A towards Ciamplorët. The way along 15B goes uphill towards La Crusc (2043 m). Breathe the particular atmosphere in this place before setting off trail 15 for a short piece. Turn left on 15A, then right on trail 18 at the next junction. Pass through the famous Armentara meadows and keep going downhill on path nr. 18A direction Al Bagn (1420 m). To get back to the village center follow path nr. 2.

It is possible to shorten the tour “Tru di pra” at will in more places!

The walking tour shortly

Where? La Val ( 1354 m)
La Val ( 1354 m) Description of the route 8:00 h 23,20 km 1 310 m 2 130 m 820 m / 1509 m 6, 13, 16a, 15b, 15, 2 Rating of the route Conditions Technique Panorama Variety Recommended period
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